Best Features To Look For In Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are not just crucial for keeping us cool through the scorching Indian summers; there are so many other features that they offer. Whether you are looking for fans to complement your decor, save on electricity bills, or just cut all the noise out from your life, there is a customized solution for you.

Let us find out the different features offered by ceiling fans so that you can decide what’s best for you. 

Features Essential In Ceiling Fans

Here are some of the features that you get with modern ceiling fans: 

Exquisite Designs:

If you love designer objects for your stylish home, then how about adding a designer fan to it. These fans’ trims have a holographic effect in contrasting colours and a metallic finish to brighten up your home. Some fans have dual trims.

With wider than average fan blades, these fans lead to larger sweep size and offer superior air delivery.

Bring some colour into your life with different colour options that these fans provide. Ensure that your interiors’ colours, including walls and ceilings, complement the fans’ colour. If you have an ethnic look in your rooms, make sure that the fan blends with your room’s overall look.

These fans are an excellent long-term investment since they come with an anti-corrosive blade and body. You don’t need to keep changing your fans after every few months giving you sizeable savings.

Noise-Free Comfort:

Conventional fans might help in cooling your home, but they are noisy when it comes to performance. With innovation, you have fans today that get rid of perspiration and make sure you have peace of mind.

True to their name, these silent fans really soothe your nerves. They are 2 times more silent than other fans. With high air delivery, superior comfort is assured. An added benefit is massive energy savings with the highly-efficient motor. The blades have a fluidic seamless design for better air circulation, leading to even cooling to every corner of your rooms. They work in a wide voltage range, making them longer lasting.

These fans have a two-piece construction, unlike the conventional fans that have a 3-piece construction. This reduces the vibration making them less noisy and more robust. The aesthetic appeal is greater, and the gap between the top and bottom motor housing sections is not visible.

High-grade bearings are used in these fans leading to lower friction and noise.

You can also get a ceiling fan with remote that has a point-anywhere smart remote to operate a fan. What’s more, one remote can operate multiple fans.

Safety is an essential feature of these fans. The motor is secured to the ceiling hook with a safety wire. You are protected from any damage due to the fan falling on you.

There are some smart features, too, like the sleep well timer function and intelligent memory. You don’t need to worry about switching the fans off since the sleep well timer function automatically switches off the fan after a certain number of hours.

The intelligent memory feature monitors your last speed setting and starts at that speed when you switch on the fan next. These high-speed ceiling fans give you better cooling at the same speed as other fans. There is no overheating even when the fans function at the top speed of 380 RPM. A lot of reputed brands like Crompton have these fans.

Anti-Dust Fans:

Modern ceiling fans offer you not only outstanding designs and silent performance, but they also help you live a pollution-free life with the anti-dust feature. You can find anti-dust features in Crompton fans. You also have higher safety with dual-coat copper since it offers protection against high temperatures and sudden overloads.

Dual coat copper is also more durable compared to ordinary copper wires. The use of a box capacitor and patented adapter gives you superior long-term operation. The use of high-grade steel in these fans makes them durable and efficient.

Compared to regular fans, this anti-dust variety attracts 50% less dust. The specialized coating restricts the deposit of dust particles. This also leads to easier cleaning of these fans with a single wipe.

Underlight Fans:

Modern fans take innovation to the next level by offering you a combination of fans and lights. These ceiling fans with lights have a magnificently carved fan having royal designs and combine it with a decorative lampshade to help your rooms look even more beautiful.

A useful feature of these multipurpose fans is a convenient pull cord for speed and light control. While the fan saves you electricity with wider blades and an efficient motor, the LED lights help you reduce energy consumption as well. This means dual savings for you.

These fans are electroplated with electrophoretic lacquer for anti-rusting leading to more excellent durability. If the dream combination wasn’t enough, the LED lights also give you five stunning colour options. The remote control for these fans allows the changing of both fan speed and light colours. Make every moment of your life exciting by changing colours to suit your mood.

These fans are perfect for every occasion, be it a power-packed get-together with friends along with some high-decibel music and colourful lighting, or just enjoying a relaxing evening after a hard day at work with some soft white lighting.

The power input of these fans is in the 70 to 85-watt range leading to lower energy consumption.

Given all the benefits and warranty, the price for every type of fan is surprisingly affordable. When it comes to a warranty, you need to speak to the dealer and check the warranty terms and conditions to know what is acceptable as a manufacturing defect. In case there is a problem with your fan, you can get it replaced at no extra cost.

Choose A Fan That Matches Your Lifestyle

You are unique, and so are your needs. When choosing fans, you should understand what your needs are. If you like to live in style, then don’t miss out on the designer fans. If you want to get away from the noise outside, silent fans are your best option. There are some fans that combine multiple features. Before choosing a ceiling fan online, make sure that your checklist is ready, and then choose your fan.