Best Floral Tattoo Ideas And Their Meaning

Flowers represent joy and love, the colourful buds have a special ability to make everyone smile. Most of us love receiving and giving flowers, that is why flower delivery in Faridabad from offline and online florists is so popular, but they come with an expiry date and it makes all of us a little sad when they die. However, if you are someone who is into getting inked and also have a soft spot for the fragrant buds, then you can carry flowers around with you all the time. Yes, by getting a flower tattoo!

Tattoos are more than just drawings on the skin, they are deeply related to a person’s nature and sense of expression. If you are thinking about getting a new tattoo, then a flower would be a great idea for you, in fact, not a lot of people are aware of this but different flowers symbolise different things, especially when they are combined with quotes and other symbols. If you think that floral tattoos are for women only, then think again! Now flowers in dark shaded combined with different objects are extremely popular with both genders. So here is a list of all the great tattoo ideas and their meaning for you to choose your next ink.

Japanese Cherry Blossom– The mists and perfumes of this particular flower are very popular but the flower is an excellent choice for a tattoo as well. The Japanese Cherry Blossoms symbolise the frailty of life, it motivates one to cherish the moment as life is uncertain. The aforementioned meaning is because of the short life span of the flower, it lives for three to four days max but in its short life span it blooms at its best and fills the environment with a heavenly fragrance, that is what seizing the moment is all about, isn’t it?

Acacia Flower– This is quite an unusual flower that gives quite a unique message. This flower gives a positive message that fading away aka getting old is beautiful in its own way. In a world full of people trying their best to conceal their age, embracing that you will grow old is bold in its own self.

Amaryllis– An Amaryllis tattoo is the most beautiful tattoo you can get, it also has a pretty interesting story behind it. According to Greek mythology, A maiden named Amaryllis fell in love with Alteo, a very handsome man who loved flowers. She asked the oracle of Delphi and was advised to stand outside his window, for 30 nights and pierce her heart with a golden arrow. On the 30th night, as her blood dropped on the ground, a beautiful flower emerged that won Alteo over. The flower, therefore, symbolises intense love, passion, determination, hope and achievement. Now, that is a tattoo story worth sharing!

Daisy– One of the most loved flowers Daisy was essentially named after on the expression- Day’s eye, cause that is how the flower blooms. The flower in general represents the ups and downs of life along with the colour it is in. A blue dairy tattoo symbolises deep emotions, a red one shows boldness and courage, then a white daisy shows innocence, while a yellow one represents jollity.

Hibiscus– The deep red colour of the flower is enough to draw anyone’s attention and gives it a royal look and that is what it represents. In Hawaiian tradition, the flower represents royalty and power. However, in some cultures in Japan, the flower symbolises calmness, so you get so many wonderful symbols in one tattoo, just go with the one that suits your personality.

Geranium– If you are an optimist or aspire to be one, then Geranium tattoos are for you! The colour of the flower is so deep that it almost seems surreal and in many parts of the world, the pretty flower represents positivity, friendship, and growth, making it a perfect motivational tattoo.

Iris– It is not a very popular one, but it has a very deep meaning. Iris is named after the Greek goddess of rainbows, as it is found in many colours. The flower has 3 petals and they respectively represent faith, wisdom and velour, hence you don’t need to add anything to it.

Flowers are a popular gifting choice but the option to carry a flower around that matches your personality is priceless.