Cheap Ways to Enjoy the Summer with Your Family

Time is certainly moving, but there are still quite a few more weeks before school is back in session. Now, is the perfect time for families to get together and enjoy the summer season. If your summer has been boring thus far due to finances, you’re not alone. The cost of summer camp in some areas can be just as much as daycare, making it a budget-breaker for many. You can, however, still spend some quality time with your loved ones with a few savvy hacks.

Apply for a Short-Term Loan

Summer can really take a chunk out of your budget. With the kids out of school, you’re responsible for keeping them fed and entertained all day. While public schools are free, most summer camps cost a lot of money leaving mom and dad with very little to work with. They do offer personal loans for bad credit you can take advantage of. Even if you have stellar credit, applying with a traditional bank requires collateral and a ton of paperwork. You can easily apply for a short-term loan online and if approved, have funds to use for the summer within one business day.

An Early Trip to the Beach

Talk about having fun in the sun, the beach is affordable and very entertaining for families. To keep the costs down try traveling early before the beach officially opens so you won’t have to pay admission. Also, pack your own lunch to avoid having to pay for costly boardwalk food. You guys can hang all day for free (minus the gas and supplies for meals).

Late-Night Theme Park Trip

Do your children love getting on roller coasters and water rides? Well, if so, the best time to visit a theme park or water park is in the evening. A few hours before the park is scheduled to close, many will lower the cost of admission for their customers to try and make last-minute sales. Therefore, hitting up your favorite water park mid-week after work with the kids can save you a ton of money. Again, you can pack your own meals so you don’t have to pay for food which can be a lot.

Community Events

Depending on where you live, your community probably has a lot of events going on in the summer. They often host events that will attract attention to the town. You may find out about movie nights at the park, concerts by local artists, food truck festivals, cultural festivals, and more. Most of these events are free to residents while supporting the vendor’s is relatively cheap. You can find great food, crafts, and other finds at these events at a low rate while also giving back to your community.

You don’t need a ton of money to have a good time with your kids during their summer break. All you need is a few bucks and some tricks up your sleeve. Going to popular attractions for families during off-peak hours, for example, can get you in for free or at a very low rate. Also, your community can be a great source of fun for everyone, just be sure to pay attention to the event calendars. So, if you’ve been strapped for cash and unable to take the kids out to have a good time, try one of the savvy tips listed above before the summer is over.