Donating an Organ or Tissue Can Save a Family from Falling Apart

Organ transplant saves lives and also families who have been eager to save their members. One donor can save about eight lives when they donate all organs and tissues present in their body. Although many people are reluctant to do so, there are many who have already enrolled themselves to help others when living or dead. Organs held for donation are heart, kidneys, lungs, brain, thymus, pancreas and intestine. Even tissues like bones, tendons, veins, nerves, skin, and valves can be donated as long as they’re in healthy condition.

A donor can be anyone, as long as he/she did not have any medical history. Even if the recipient is not family and the blood samples match for both of them, still the transplant can be done. However, there’s always a risk whether after transplant, the recipient will accept a foreign body. Therefore, it is mandatory to undergo all tests that are directed by doctors to avoid any kind of emergency situations.

Transplant is in demand worldwide. However, one city that is getting appreciation in increasing the rate of transplant in the city is Illinois. In Illinois, around 300 residents die every year waiting for organ donor and there are around 5000 Illinois residents waiting for a donor to help them. That is why most hospitals are increasing the figure of organ and tissue donation Illinois, that they started by increasing the kidney transplant every year. According to the US Dept of Health, Illinois hospitals have performed around 1208 transplants last year which is a big achievement.

Here are few things that you should know about organ donation –

  • Anyone can become a donor irrespective of their age, health, and medical condition. Even if one of the organs isn’t working fine, doctors can find which one can be donated, also unless the person dies, it is difficult to determine the condition of any organ.
  • We can always donate around eight organs which includes, heart, kidney, lungs, pancreas, brain, liver, small intestine. Apart from that you can also donate bones, skin, cornea, blood vessels, heart valves, tendons and cartilage.
  • Donation isn’t an easy task because to donate a healthy organ one needs to die in the hospital, this means the patient should be declared brain dead before transplant so that organs are functioning with the assistance of mechanism this is why transplantation is a difficult task.

  • Even if you wish to be a donor, you still need to register yourself in the national program list. By any chance if doctor finds that family consultation is mentioned, then the recipient might have to wait for long and may be by that time the organs are of no use.
  • Even though you have donated your organs, your funeral will be commenced in the same way and there will not be any harm to your physical structure which disappoints your family members.

Donating organs is a positive attitude and therefore it should be respected by all family members. You should get all your documents fixed beforehand so that during emergency, your family isn’t in trouble.