Hottest Trends That Will Rule The Nordic Fashion Circuit In 2022

We have all seen how different waves of fashion come and go. From muted pastels and suits with hints of lilac and green to ribbed and floral dresses – there were quite some raging looks that dominated 2021. However, this year, people seem to be warming up to comfort over fashion. And top designers took up this challenge to bring in more trends that elevated comfort.

Here are the hottest trends that will rule the Nordic fashion circuit in 2022.

Fishnet fashion

Fishnet wearables are considered the best and the most preferred layering piece. Fishnet shrugs are the ideal beach cover-ups, and the fishnet fashion has experienced a level-up from basic stockings as the perfect summer wear. Pairing the fishnet fabric with a knit fabric or a silk slip can transform the entire outfit into a stylish statement. Fishnet layered over knits is an ocean-inspired office look that has gained the most public attention at the beginning of 2022.

Graphic prints

Graphic prints have been in trend in 2021 too, and are here to stay strong in 2022 too. This New Year, designers have focused on the shape and color of graphic print clothing. The most in-trend contrast is white and black stripes. The stripes were made even longer, and the appearance is enhanced with a plunging neckline associated with detailed draping that never goes out of fashion. A Swedish designer took the black and white graphic prints to the next level by replacing the lines with inconsistent squares.

Embroidered Clothing

One trend that is making a comeback is embroidered clothing. With more people embracing their unique style, embroidered clothing is a great way to show off your style in a fun and colourful way. Sketch and Stitch is an online fashion brand that offer personalised embroidered clothing so you can tailor your clothes to suit your style.

The 1970s collar

Bringing back the older fashion look adds an aesthetic look to the clothing with a vintage vibe. The 1970s collar called the pointy collars is back on the top trending list. The exaggerated version of these collars made a surprise appearance in the Copenhagen runways.

Hits of orange

Orange is the new black because, this season, designers have focused more on tints of organs and tangerine undertones that give a sharp and classy look. The shade called coral-rose is the perfect orange shade with a light pink undertone is the ideal wear for every occasion.

Cool crochet

Crochet has been on the trending fashion list for a long time now and has become an essential part of fashion. In 2021, we observed many elevated fashion trends in crochet fabric, from beach wear to office wear. The Swedish supermodel Elsa Hosk flaunted in crochet the last charismas look.


Pink is back in full swing and made its appearance on almost every summer runway. Power pink adds a dramatic solid appearance to the overall outfit.

Knit sets

After the pandemic strike, the demand for elevated loungewear is in great demand, and fashion designers have succeeded in bringing these to light. Knits have become a mood booster in our everyday life, and these sets have been flaunting almost every wardrobe. This summer, punchy and muted knit sets will undoubtedly rule the fashion trend of 2022 as lazy summer wear that offers numerous styling options.