How to Find The Best Sneakers For Women?

Till the time we studied in schools, there was this misconception of slipping into sneakers for physical education classes only! Later on, most of us got acquainted to gyms and reserved our pairs for workouts. But thanks to the varieties introduced in the markets, we can now take a pick from the lot and go about anywhere. Whether it’s a holiday or purpose-oriented like physical fitness and the like, sneakers are staples in most women’s wardrobes. Don’t be surprised finding your friend wearing a colourful pair, teaming the look with a short, knee-length dress. Better still, you’ll be left amazed at how celebs sport sneakers during movie releases, or product launches, events and gatherings or even award ceremonies!

Stick to the principles

With no dearth of casual sneakers for women, we understand how you might go along with the trend and get a few pairs as and when you wish to. But remember these principles about how you must wear them.

  • Cleanliness is a must: This is especially true for whites, peaches or anything in lighter shades. We know you take a great liking to your cool pair of sneakers, but imagine how the effect can be lost if you don’t keep it spick-and-span? Maintaining your sneakers means thorough cleaning of laces, drying and spraying to keep it odour-free, brushing outsoles and also using sneaker shields.
  • Learn the exact places and occasions where you must wear: given the versatility of these amazing shoes, don’t substitute them for almost anything you wear. There’s no issue trying to get away with wearing them for any non-professional purpose. Sometimes, even casual suits look great with sneakers. But keep your eyes open and see for yourself how odd you might land up looking after you sport sneakers in weddings, office parties or pool parties!
  • Match them as per the wardrobe: Why invest on something trending or because there’s an offer that you shouldn’t let go?  It’s important to decide if you really need the pair and how far does it justify your style? The ‘trend train’ looks amazing, but don’t jump into the prospect thinking you’ll do a great show at it. Learn to invest in those shoes that would complement the wardrobe you have, and not the other way round.

What options lie at our disposal?

You can get a complete style guide for your sneakers’ choice, but select from a host of options, so that you won’t regret. Ideally, the basic ones come in leathers or canvas material. Try and keep a couple of neutrals, and don’t exceed your budget. After all, the comfort and flexibility are your lookouts. Apart from that, you can also choose among high fashion sneakers, luxury tech-wear and endless options in trail sneakers that are currently quite a rage in “mainstream fashion”.

What next?

If you are someone who loves cute boots, we don’t mean to say you stop wearing them. Try and keep the sneakers too, for you never know when it would come handy.