How Yubo Is Setting the Standard For Social Media Use in the Age of Gen Z

At the time of this writing, the Paris-based social media application known as Yubo has already exceeded millions of users all around the globe. Considered the next hot spot for Gen Z social media users, Yubo has risen to popularity thanks to how it embraces wholesale friendliness while divorcing itself from some of the more toxic aspects of social media use.

How does Yubo separate itself from platforms like Twitter or Facebook? That is the million-user question and one we shall dive into together.

Connection YOUR Way

First and foremost, Yubo prides itself on presenting social media to Gen Z users in an environment that is as safe and comforting as possible, all while protecting their domain with age verification AI and automation software by Yoti. This dual approach to age verification and user comfort has made Yubo a destination for parents and their children alike.

When individuals register with Yubo, they will need to download the Yoti application to access the platform. Yoti is a piece of proprietary AI software that utilizes pictures to assess the age of an individual applicant accurately. With accuracy up to 99%, Yoti is one of the best first lines of defense for the security and safety of Yubo’s operations.

Upon passing the age verification aspect of registration, users will be thrust into a platform that prioritizes friendship in all of its facets over conventional likes, shares, and comments. Livestreaming is the norm as well as one of the most popular components of the platform. However, the applications’ forum-like approach to communication rings a particularly clear bell with older Gen Zers.

Individuals looking to engage with the world of live streaming can do so by scanning thousands of streams and sorting by language and interest before adjusting for a number of participants. Livestreams are a great place for individuals to share their stories, create laughs, and even connect on a more human level.

Real-time Moderation Fuels Popularity

Moving beyond the many different ways for individuals to connect on the Yubo platform, the team at Yubo works steadfastly to ensure that those connections remain safe throughout the user’s experience. Utilizing Safety Specialists, Yubo has instilled a first-rate social media platform about video and audio moderation, even in real-time situations like on a live stream.

Yubo utilizes a dual moderation system that relies on artificial intelligence to do much of the heavy lifting. The automation software analyzes live stream screenshots and audio transcription to detect potential violations of the Community Guidelines. All while this is happening, assigned Safety Specialists are contributing to the cause.

Depending on the infraction as well as its severity, permanent bans and law enforcement notifications may be selected and enacted as a course of action.