LED Lights To Illuminate The Dark Underwater Region

Underwater LED lights not only help your boat stand out from the crowd, illuminating it in a rich range of colors but they would also never fail to get your guests in the party mood. And if hosting a boat-party isn’t your thing, underwater LED lights can be great for fishing at night where they not only make it easier to see them in the water but also entice them to your boat!

Canada based LuxOr LED provides a wide range of powerful yet efficient LED lights that offer exceptional quality for boats of every size and configuration that once are almost maintenance-free with a life of 40,000 plus hours!

Why switch to underwater LED boat lights from traditional light bulbs?

  • LED lights to reduce the quantity of energy accustomed to light your boat by 80%
  • Functioning after sundown can melt off 40 amp hours of the battery-bank capacity. But with LEDs, it would be more around 4 amp
  • One-time investment
  • LED underwater lights last for almost four years
  • They are environment-friendly as they do not contain mercury unlike traditional light bulbs
  • They are easy to install
  • They ensure security during night-time
  • They create a welcoming and pleasant ambiance
  • They produce a minimal amount of heat so they can run longer than traditional lights
  • They attract zooplankton to the surface that is chasing the light source which is then followed by the game fish which makes fishing a lot more easier
  • They make boating easier by helping the boaters easily park the boat or sail without harming anyone or anything

Items to consider for LED Underwater Lighting

  • Longevity – LED lights do not have any filaments in them which will stretch, burn, or flex when bumped. They are solid-state semiconductors that produce an incredible amount of light per watt of power. They typically have a lifespan between 40,000 – 50,000 hours which equates to 4.5 years of continuous light output.
  • Durability – LED lights stand up to humidity, vibration, shock, impact and rough weather making them perfect for underwater LED boat lighting.
  • Color – While all the LED underwater light colors look appealing, it is important to choose the colors wisely as per one’s needs. Blue light is great for penetrating cloudy water while white light is ideal for clear water and for showing the natural beauty underneath
  • Number of lights – Regarding the number of LED lights to be installed, most people order two to three lights for their boats. But in the end, it’s truly a matter of personal choice.


Whether you want something to get the party started or another tool to aid your next fishing trip, LED underwater light can make a huge difference to your enjoyment out on the water. If you’ve been thinking about getting some for your boat, now is the time to get them installed! At LuxOr, installation is a breeze and will get your boat looking better than ever in next to no time at all! While LuxOr Drain Plug LED underwater lights’ hex shape makes installation quick and removal a snap, Stainless Steel Construction ,and Mirror Finished Polish LuxOr Surface Mounted LED underwater boat lights to make a stylish profile, perfect for bright underwater lighting.