Medical insurance for international students must be purchased

Without insurance in the United States, the cost of getting sick can be difficult to afford. For international students studying in the United States, international student insurance(also known as留学生保险) is mandatory, and the cost varies according to the regulations of different schools, generally use 2000-4000 per year. Failure to purchase will result in failure to register properly. Students before going abroad in the domestic purchase of medical insurance is not in the United States to pay for medical expenses. If you get sick or have an accident in the United States, only the medical insurance purchased in the United States can cover the compensation.

Many American universities offer student group medical insurance plans. These insurance plans are generally judged by the school, and the insurance premiums are relatively low. Most schools also have special personnel to handle the compensation payment business. However, the shortcomings of school group insurance may not be able to take into account some special circumstances of international students.

Therefore, it is best for international students to choose the appropriate insurance according to their physical condition. If a international students vaccinate(also known as 留学生疫苗接种) is needed , you need to choose the appropriate insurance, and the Huhu insurance(also known as虎虎保险) will have relevant insurance. If your teeth are not very good, you may see a dentist in the United States(also known as美国看牙医), you also need to buy American dental insurance(also known as美国牙医保险), or you may be financially nervous because you look at your teeth in the United States(also known as美国看牙).

If the student is in danger or encounters an accident, he or she must notify the insurance company in time, and collect and keep the on-site evidence, the hospital’s diagnosis certificate, the original receipt of the medical expenses, and the accident certificate of the relevant department. Because most insurances stipulate certain limits, that is, the maximum amount that insurance companies pay for various types of health services, the cost of this amount will be borne by the patient.