Romantic Birthday Gift Ideas

You have done well. If you are browsing the internet for birthday gift ideas for your girlfriend then you have already made it through the first round. Meaning, you didn’t forget her birthday. The next challenge is to find a gift to express your love. This list is here to help you get through. Read on to get inspiration on romantic birthday gift ideas for your girlfriend.

  1. Flowers

Flowers are a classic gift that will make you her perfect gentleman. Find out what her favourite flowers are to be extra thoughtful. If you are unsure, you could also speak to your florist about her favourite colours. When it comes to a bouquet, the bigger the better. Add in a cute teddy bear and a sweet hand written card. Your girlfriend will be swooning over your gift.

  1. Skincare Product

Whereas your bathroom cupboard only stores a single all-in-bottle for your skin care routine, your girlfriend’s bathroom cupboard is filled with products. And she would still love to try more. Look for a skincare product that is made of only natural ingredients. Or, if you are unsure what all the ingredients mean, opt for a bath oil. This way you can still give her a gift she can pamper herself with. She will feel refreshed and confident for your next romantic date.

  1. Heart Shaped Cushions

Give your heart to your lady in the form of a heart shaped cushion. Choose the softest material you can find to give her something she can snuggle with. Good materials are warm wool, 100% cotton and faux fur. Think of where she would place the cushion too. A very large cushion can function as a body pillow in bed. Small and medium sized pillows will look good on a sofa. Try to match the colour of the heart shaped cushion with the sofa cushions she already has. This is a clever way to show that you have truly put thought into the gift.

  1. Birthday Gift Basket

If you would like to give your girlfriend more than one gift, do yourself a favour and buy a birthday gift basket. You can browse for a gift basket that is already prepared with several romantic birthday gifts for her. They say that you need to feed your love to man but a woman can also be wooed by food. Plan a romantic night around a gourmet food basket. Or choose a gift basket consisting of a tower of smaller boxes to create more excitement with each box she opens. A birthday gift basket will have her feeling spoiled.

  1. Good Luck Charms

If you have a little more time, putting together a bag of good luck charms is a very romantic gesture. Find a velvet pouch that you can fill with little tokens of good luck. Think of a charm bracelet, silver wishbone, or a talisman. You could also look for a readymade set; traditional Chinese shops are likely to have a range of good luck items.