Seven Effective Ways to Grow your Hair Faster Naturally

Long, shiny hair is a sign of healthy hair growth.  But because of reasons like inadequate nutrition and damage, the hair cannot growth naturally. Fortunately, there are natural ways to speed up hair growth. If you are looking for ways on how to grow hair faster naturally, the answers are right here:

Trimming the Hair Regularly

Trimming your hair on a regular basis like every 8-10 weeks guarantees fast hair growth. Excessive sun and dirt damage the end of the hair, inducing split ends. These split ends must be cut off to allow your hair to breathe and grow freely.

Using Hair Conditioner

You have probably noticed that the end of your hair is thinner and more damaged than its root. The reason is that this end does not get enough nourishment. That is why you must condition your hair every hair wash to seal the end’s cuticle and prevents your hair from further damage.

Having Hot Oil Massages

Massaging your hair with hot oil once every week makes your hair healthy without strands lying on your brush or floor. The best oil to use includes olive, lavender, or coconut oil.

Brushing your Hair at Night

Depending on the brush you use, regular hair brushing can benefit your hair. Avoid using synthetic bristles as these can create friction in your hair and damage it. Make sure you use the right brushy like the boar bristle to increase the scalp’s blood circulation. Comb your hair for at least fifty times before you go to bed. This strengthens the hair roots and promotes hair growth.

Avoiding Towel Wrapping

If you are like other people, you may like to wrap your wet hair in a towel after your shampoo. But, this habit can actually have negative effects on your hair. This is because your hair can easily fall when wet and wrapping it in a towel can make hair fall worse. Your hair gets rubbed with the towel fiber and make hair strands fall. If you really cannot stop this habit, try using a microfiber towel.

Reducing your Stress

Stress can seriously affect your health including your hair. Excessive stress can disrupt the hair cycle, inhibiting hair growth. To reduce your stress, spend time doing relaxation techniques like meditation and yoga.

Using Egg Mask

Eggs are full of proteins that can help nourish your hair and cause the growth of new ones. Mix a teaspoon of oil with an egg white and apply the mixture on your scalp and hair. Leave the mixture on your head for twenty minutes and shampoo your hair after.

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