Are you one of those moms who loves to go all out when it comes to makeup? There are quite a few who are obsessed with makeup and we don’t know how to stop. Most of us are up to date with the brand new makeup trends. I must admit, I am one of those moms who go crazy especially when it comes to the most trending makeup on the internet! I discovered Petite n Pretty immediately when I stumbled upon their website and from then on, I was hooked! This is actually one of the best makeup made in the USA. The genius behind this brand is a mom who has a 17-year career developing award-winning products for the most prominent beauty brands in the makeup industry. This is dedicated to young creatives or kids with age 5 and up. The goal is to inspire, empower, and encourage creativity from the very start. This is very beneficial to moms who are inclined to support their kids future great well being.

I got a closer look with this safe kids makeup and I am greatly satisfied with the outcome. This makeup is made with high-quality materials and the company complies with FDA Regulations, Prop 65, and the Oregon State Child Safety Act. They got the stamp of approval trifecta – Dermatologist-approved, ophthalmologist-approved, and Pediatrician-approved. Come and get this safe kids makeup! From then there is no turning back. You’ll be glad to know that they create gluten-free makeup. I am glad I did and no regrets in spending a good 30 minutes of my time reading through the ingredients. Those of you may be aware of the Celiac disease, now is not the time to worry about it because it only appears if there is gluten that triggers an autoimmune response that viciously attacks the lining of the small intestines. We only want the best for our kids and you’d be so relieved knowing their makeup is 100% gluten-free. All the tests that these products go through complete metals, patch tests, stability, and compatibility test. They even go as far as auditing the factories they partner with to ensure safety and high-quality.  All that effort is made to simply deliver the best safe kids makeup in the market. It is never too late to grab yours now and take advantage of the limited edition goodies and discount waiting for you on their website. It was one of the best decisions I ever made as a mom.

It’s always better to be on top of everything as a mom. Petite n Pretty proved themselves to be the best partner a mother could ask for. Their product screams fun, safe, and confidence. Who knows you’d be perfectly beautiful and safe in a shimmering shade of Pop!-arazzi! It is one of the shades in their best selling 9021-GLOW! Eye and Cheek Palette. It is a sheer camera-ready bronze with pearly pink shimmer. Just reading through the description of the name of the shade itself makes me think of the wonderful scenery that has a beautiful sunset. It’s quietly breathtaking and simply gorgeous perfect for beautiful little girls in your life.