Tips to buying the best furniture for your little bundle of joy – Make the best choice

There is no doubt about the fact that the nursery is the most vital place for your kid as this is the place where he’ll spend maximum time. This is why parents should make sure they get the best furniture for their kid’s nursery, whether it is a glider or a crib or a changing table or a dresser. They should be of the best quality and also kid-friendly. While there are several stores where you can buy baby furniture for sale, you have to be careful about the quality of furniture that you get.

As soon as you walk inside a baby store, you will feel overwhelmed by checking out the wide array of machines and equipments that are available. While few of the items are necessary for their kids, not all that seem to be enticing are important for your baby. So, you have to control your urge to buy all that you set your eyes on.

  1. Get a crib which meets all safety requirements

The new cribs that you get these days should meet the standards set by the regulatory authorities but in case you’re looking for a second-hand crib, be watchful to ensure that they also meet similar standards and that they haven’t been recalled. Unless you’re scrimping with your budget, don’t ever decide to buy a bassinet as they’re best for the short term. You will soon find your baby outgrowing within few weeks.

  1. Look forward to the right bedding for the crib

As long as bedding is concerned, you can choose a waterproof or flannel-backed mattress cover along with tightly-fitted sheets. Don’t make the mistake of using infant cushions which have fabric coverings and which are filled with pellets or plastic foam beads. Remove all quilts, pillows, sheepskins and other soft products. One more thing to remember is that the safest position for a baby to sleep is on his back.

  1. Buy a plastic bathtub for the baby’s bathing

If you wish to choose an alternative to the washtub, you can utilize the sink in the kitchen to bathe your newborn infant by switching off the dishwasher and faucet swings. Once your baby crosses his first month, it is better to switch over to a separate tub as he might be able to turn on the faucet of the sink. Make sure the area for bathing your kid is clean enough as this will ward off all sorts of infections.

  1. A changing table which is safe and secured

The changing table has to be placed on a padded mat or on a carpet or against the wall. But make sure you don’t place a changing table against a window as there will always remain a risk of your baby slipping out of the window. The changing table should have tables or shelves which can hold wipes, diapers and other equipments.

When you’re decorating your nursery for your kid by installing the best nursery furniture, you shouldn’t forget about the lighting of the nursery. Add soft lights which are safe for his eyes.