Top Men’s Beachwear Brands This Summer

The winter beach season is coming, and it’s time to put your best foot forward. Whether you’re resting at home, going for a jog, or hitting the café down the street, the ideal pair of swimming trunks should blend in with the rest of your clothing, from the fit and fabric to the embellishments. Here are some of the greatest brands and models to help you stand out this summer according to the luxury lifestyle magazine:

Katama Swimming

We believe that men should always get beach shorts that make them feel as cool as their favorite jeans or sneakers. That’s why Katama, established by male model Garrett Neff, is one of our favorite swimwear companies. These traditional mid-length trey trunks will look great on every body shape and make you feel both relaxed and stylish.

Saint Barth MC2

MC2 Saint Barth’s two young entrepreneur founders worked in the textile industry before launching a brand inspired by beauty, refinement, and pragmatism. Look at this beautiful and modern design, with colors that wonderfully represent the relaxed atmosphere of the Caribbean. Furthermore, all of the brand’s swimwear is recycled, so you get extra karma points for purchasing from them.


When it comes to swimwear, Prada’s Re-Nylon fabric is one of the best. In classic Prada flair, the recycled ocean plastic fabric has been updated with a brilliant orange citrus tone and an embroidered white emblem on the back pocket. These shorts will be a must-have for your summer vacation when paired with a matching accessory.

Loro Piana

Loro Piana selects textiles for their swimwear with care to provide maximum comfort and durability, offering men an advantage in the beach lifestyle. This pair of shorts is created in Italy from a quick-drying shell that feels smooth and silky against the skin and is inside with breathable mesh for support. To keep your poolside belongings safe and secure, use the rope loop and Velcro®-fastened flap pocket.