What are the Advantages of Hair Transplant Surgery

The procedure of hair transplant involves the hair root shifting from the hair growth zone to the hair loss areas followed by the extraction process facilitates the option of obtaining the particular number of grafts to fulfil the restoration /transplantation goal.

The hair transplant in Jaipur is getting their familiarity day-by-day, hence people all over the world used to visit India and join medical tourism in Jaipur to get the best benefits of cosmetic surgery. The procedure of hair transplant surgery gives the final outcomes by offering the permanent hair roots that sustain forever due to the DHT-resistivity and this is the prime concern in the surgery to extract only the DHT-resistant hair roots. There are a number of clinics across the globe provides the hair transplant services, but the clinics established in Jaipur offer the budget hair transplant cost in Jaipur and satisfy patients both with the standard of quality and care.

The hair transplant is a single cosmetic surgery option that gives the permanent hair roots and a process that behaves naturally with natural effect of the surgery.

The procedure performances are based on the surgeon’s expertise that decides the artistic level success in terms of placement of hair roots onto the recipient balding part of the scalp.

In this article, we are describing the advantages of Hair Transplant surgery jotted down below:

  • This is a Permanent Method to restore Hair

The hair transplant surgery offers the permanent hair roots that remain forever on the scalp and never shows the miniaturization effect or the hair loss because of the implantation of DHT-resistant hair roots that are extracted from the safe donor part of the scalp. The safe donor part of the scalp is usually the back and sides of the scalp that is primarily used in the hair transplant procedure. Therefore, the hair transplant procedure is a single cosmetic surgery that gives an utmost original outcome.

  • One can receive the Risk-free Option to get back the Permanent Hair Roots

The hair transplant procedure is a risk-free surgery and there is zero probability of any kind of side effects. Some discomfort may be experienced in the form of swelling, redness, scabs or pain that is all common due to the involvement of the surgical practice. However, we can say that there may be some discomfort which is experienced by the hair transplant patients, but all go within a few days of the surgery and cannot be taken as serious.

  • Most undetectable Outcomes

The hair transplant surgery offers the most undetectable outcome only if the implantation made by the expert hair surgeon. It is mandatory to make the implantation in such a way that the patient receives the utmost undetectable placement as the expert surgeon follows an irregular pattern for the process of hair root implantation. A successful hair transplant surgery never gives even a single clue of the transplantation by following the zigzag pattern of the graft implantation.

  • This is a Cost-effective Option

The hair transplant surgery is a cost-effective option as it gives you the permanent hair roots; on the other hand, the option of medicines or therapy is needed regularly that is a quite costlier option. If you are receiving the PRP method or stem cell therapy it is required to regular the process after a certain interval of time that is, of course, a costly decision. It might be possible that the procedure of hair restoration would be needed for a second or third time as the case of progressive baldness requires further session in order to meet the aesthetic goal of the surgery.


In the nutshell, we can say that the procedure of hair transplant is a safe and risk-free surgery requires an expert hand of the surgeon who decides the feasible technique, either FUT or the FUE depends on your extent of baldness as well as the physiological and anatomical condition. The protocols of the safe surgery are based on the advanced technique and equipment and why it is advisable to receive the surgery only from the recognized hair transplant centre.