What Makes the Team at Yubo Stand Out in Crowded Social Media World

Where do you spend most of your time on the internet? If you are like many Gen Z users, then you are likely to head to the Yubo social media app to enjoy some fun with your friends. While not known on the same level as Facebook or Twitch, Yubo has grown dramatically since it was first created in 2015.

Based out of Paris but with a sweeping user base spanning 140 nations around the world, Yubo has a lot to offer and even more to promise parents of the users on its platform.

What Is Yubo and Why Is It Special?

While Yubo was established in 2015, it wasn’t until the 2019 COVID-19 pandemic hit in earnest that its numbers began to skyrocket. With much of the world locked away during quarantine, Gen Z users looked for alternative methods to connect. Yubo has seen its daily sign-ups double since the intervention of the pandemic, leading up to more than 40 million worldwide users in 2020 alone. While the company is based in Paris, the user base of the platform is roughly 60% American.

Yubo operates as a live social discovery application that leans on live interactions and live friendships to survive. Individuals who join the platform can engage with other age-verified users in an environment that is conducive to quick and social interactions. Despite the heavy reliance on social connection and friendliness, the platform has done away with ‘likes’ and ‘follows’ so that interactions remain genuine rather than fueled by statistics.

As a platform that is built upon connections, users can join and connect via live streams, chatting, and even games on the platform itself. User profiles feature hashtags and other classification systems to ensure that you are meeting and matching with others that share your interests.

Connect No Matter Where You Are

Yubo makes it easier for users to connect in today’s loud and crowded world of social media. With a focus on creating authentic interactions, users ages 13 – 25 will find the platform to be hospitable and flexible to their desires. A focus on good-hearted friendliness and kind communication leads the way to what is transparently different than other social media platforms on the rise.

Yubo was built to find friends and make new connections, not just retain old ones. If you are looking for a way to get out of your shell, spread your wings, and fly – you’ll find that at Yubo in spades. A reviewer on Pocket-Lint said of the platform, “Everyone’s got the same shared goal, so there’s loads of friendliness going around.”

Does Yubo sound like the right platform for you or your Gen Z family members? Download the Yoti age verification app and Yubo today to find out!