Your Guide On Different Types Of Jeans For Girls

Denim jeans – a wardrobe staple that almost all of us wear at all times. So why not learn more about the cuts and silhouettes of this holy grail clothing piece? Even if you think you know about all the different types and styles of jeans for girls, you’ll still be surprised to know how much there is to discover when it comes to your everyday jeans. Whether you are team high-rise or low-rise, cropped or long, skinny or wide-legged, here we have listed down below all the different styles that are a must-have in every women’s wardrobe.

  1. Cigarette Jeans

Not quite skinny but also not quite straight! Cigarette jeans are usually snug around the thigh area and then more relaxed near the calves. These types of jeans often stop just an inch or two above the ankles and make a perfect pick to add to your legwear rotation. Style these jeans with a pair of flat mules or a lace-up sandal for a dressier vibe.

  1. Boyfriend Jeans

Just because the name suggests so, we in no way mean to wear your boyfriend’s jeans. The whole idea behind this type of jeans is the baggy and loose look that they offer as if you are wearing your boyfriend’s jeans. Tighter around your hips, these jeans are constructed in a way that they loosen down on your legs. A great pick for girls with thicker thighs, team it up with a white shoulder-padded t-shirt and a pair of black boots to attain a look that is chic yet sophisticated.

  1. Bootcut Jeans

We couldn’t have been more happier than when the 60s and 70s style of jeans recently made its come back in 2017. Suited well for all body types, the biggest plus point of these jeans is that it makes the wearer’s height look longer than it is. With a wider bottom giving it a disfigured look, these jeans look amazing when teamed with a pair of high heels.

  1. Flared Jeans

Yet another old but gold style that can carry the vintage vibe of your wardrobe are flared jeans. Quite similar to the bootcut jeans, these are constructed with a wide opening at the bottom from the knees to the ankles. And because of the tight fit above, the flare is quite fairly visible. Pair them with a turtle neck top and some strappy heels to complete your vintage-inspired look.

  1. High Waist Jeans

The most fashionable trend of 2018, these are definitely the jeans that every woman must have in her collection. The best thing about these jeans is that they look better on every body type as they fit your natural waistline and as well cover your belly fat which is always a plus one. From crop tops to bralettes, these bottoms are sure to go well with any of your trendy apparels.

  1. Shiny Jeans

The perfect pair for a party night, shiny jeans have recently become the hottest pick of the fashion world. Breaking the stereotype of your regular jeans being dark or faded only, shiny jeans are fabricated from materials that radiate elegant shine, making them the perfect pair to don for parties and late-night shenanigans. You can always ton down the overall look by teaming it with a basic top or t-shirt.